Games serve many uses in a culture and society. While they entertain, they often teach analytical thought, improve response time, and develop hand-eye coordination. Sometimes they also physical activity, improving the health of the participants. They also create shared experiences, improving social cohesion. Games thus are often a practical part of culture, creating stronger individuals within a stronger society.

The Games of Dygyn: History, Sport, and Honor in the Sakha Republic

The original Sakha is given for some terms in parentheses. Photographs provided by Mitrofan kyyha Varvara Egorova-Dygyia, Susan Crate, and Kathryn Yegorov-Crate. The Games of Dygyn or the Dygyn oonn’uulara (Дыгын оонньуулара), as they are known locally, is a multisport competition held in the Republic of Sakha, located in Siberia. It is comprised of seven […]

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