Food is often a large part of our identity. Eating is a deeply sensory and often communal experience. Food permeates our memories of childhood and is embedded into religious, national, and familial celebrations. Food is an everyday need often elevated to the sublime by social custom.

The importations of what we eat to who we are is perhaps never more obvious than when the individual finds themselves abroad for an extended period. Removed from homeland and home, we begin to crave the dishes of our youth. In eating these, we feel reconnected to the place and people to which we belong.

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Dictionary of Uzbek Food

Uzbek cuisine is steeped in the rich history and diverse influences of Central Asia. Uzbek food is a distinctive branch of the broader Turkic culinary family, enriched by Persian influence as well as by the hearty foods of Eurasia’s nomadic cultures. Slavic influence comes from Uzbekistan’s time as a part of the Russian and Soviet […]

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