Language allows us to speak to our friends and loved ones. It allows us to interact with people we don’t even know for daily interactions like buying food or asking directions. Without language, we would struggle to gain education, navigate job markets, complete government forms or otherwise be part of the culture and state that surrounds us. Language is an integral part of who we are – but we often take it for granted until we find ourselves in a situation where those around us do not speak our language.

These resources focus on helping readers to understand the Russian language better. They are made possible by SRAS, an organization offering study abroad programs in a wide range of countries where Russian is commonly spoken.

Our Talking Phrasebooks are an exception, offering a wide array of other languages from our region. Russian language resources come in a wide range of formats from bilingual vocabulary lessons to intermediate-level annotated Russian-language blogs.

The Talking Kazakh (Qazaq) Phrasebook

The Talking Phrasebook Series presents useful phrases and words in side-by-side translation and with audio files specifically geared to help students work on listening skills and pronunciation. Below, you will find several useful phrases and words. To the left is the English and to the far right is the Latvian translation. In the center column […]

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