Quarantine Diaries: Poll on Distance Learning

Quarantine Diaries is a series of free language lessons from SRAS. Each lesson can take a variety of forms but all focus on building intermediate and advanced vocabulary and listening skills. Read the text and familiarize yourself with the new vocabulary. Then, watch the related video below and see if you can answer the questions! […]

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Quarantine Diaries: Карантин на даче

Recommended Books for Learning Russian


A Guide to Georgian Dairy Products

Georgian cuisine, known for its unique flavor combinations, is also known for several unique dairy products. Like similar dairy products around the world, these originated from the same need to preserve the nutritional and caloric value of milk. With several local twists to the preparation process, however, including the use of “spontaneous starters” – or […]

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Georgian Nutrition: A Tasty Way to Good Health

Borsch: The Slavic Signature Soup


Ukraine Constitution Day: Student Observations

Constitution Day in Ukraine is celebrated on June 28th. Celebrated since 1996, this day commemorates the anniversary of the approval by the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine’s parliament) of the Constitution of Ukraine. Before 2014 and the Revolution of Dignity in 2014, the holiday’s importance and observance were minimal and around 10% of Ukrainians believed it should […]

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Dacha Wanna Be Russian? A Lesson in Culture and Language

Quarantine Diaries: Victory Celebrations Online

Talking Phrasebooks

The Talking Ukrainian Phrasebook

The Talking Phrasebook Series presents useful phrases and words in side-by-side translation and with audio files specifically geared to help students work on listening skills and pronunciation. Each entry below, divided by category, features an English word or phrase in the left column and its Ukrainian translation in the right. The Ukainian is presented in […]

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The Talking Russian Phrasebook

Самый лучший разговорник – The Best Phrasebook Ever