Quarantine Diaries: Российские вакцины от коронавируса

Quarantine Diaries is a series of free language lessons from SRAS. Each lesson can take a variety of forms but all focus on building intermediate and advanced vocabulary and listening skills. Read the text and familiarize yourself with the new vocabulary (you can hover over the bold Russian to reveal its English translation). Then, watch […]

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Quarantine Diaries: Вторая волна коронавируса в России

Quarantine Diaries: Психическое здоровье во время карантина


Samsa: A Tasty Pastry of the Silk Road

The самса (samsa) is a meat- or vegetable-filled savory pastry. They are both слоеная (flaky) and хрустящая (crispy). They are enjoyed across the former USSR, where they are most associated with Central Asian cuisine. The самса originated in the Middle East and spread across the Шелковый путь (Silk Road), reaching Central Asia, India, and Africa. […]

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Baursak: The Donut of Hospitality

Beshbarmak: The Five Finger Food of Central Asia

Student Observations

Horse Trekking in Kyrgyzstan – Student Observations

While Bishkek is a modern, dynamic and constantly evolving city, it still provides an opportunity to tap into the ancient nomadic traditions of the Kyrgyz people. One of those traditions, horseback traveling, is becoming increasingly popular with SRAS students – and surely for a good reason. Practicing Russian and Kyrgyz while learning about local culture […]

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Dacha and Banya: Day Trip from Irkutsk

New Year’s Eve: Student Observations

Talking Phrasebooks

The Talking Yakut (Sakha) Phrasebook

The Talking Phrasebook Series presents useful phrases and words in side-by-side translation and with audio files specifically geared to help students work on listening skills and pronunciation. Each entry below, divided by category, features an English word or phrase in the left column and its Russian translation in the right. The Russian is presented in […]

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The Talking Buryat Phrasebook

The Talking Georgian Phrasebook