About Folkways

FolkWays Eurasia

Folkways is devoted to the beautiful and diverse cultures of Eurasia. We focus on some of the oldest and most lasting elements of culture: food, events (ritual), language, belief, and place. By advancing knowledge of these elements and processes of identity formation, we hope to promote cultural understanding.

Folkways is supported by SRAS, an organization developing and promoting study abroad in Eurasia. Folkways is part of the wider SRAS Family of Sites, which provides a platform to showcase the writing of SRAS students, interns, staff, and invited guests.

Our authors are primarily SRAS students and interns. These bright young people work with SRAS editors to develop research skills and hone their writing while building knowledge of this area. They represent the future of academia, diplomacy, NGO work, business, and active citizenry. We hold that they, with their knowledge and skills, can affect positive change to bridge divides and create a world of shared peace, security, and equal opportunity.

Folkways was founded in 2017 to continue the work of SRAS in publishing student work and providing free educational materials that had started in 2003. Relevant material formerly hosted on SRAS.org formed the basis for Folkways. We continue to add material and update previously published material in line with our goals of advancing education and understanding.

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Folkways: (n) the traditional behavior or way of life of a particular community or group of people.