Identity formation also occurs around the places we frequent. Particularly important places can include the homes we live in, the places where we worship and remember, and the places that we consider unique to our culture.

This site focuses mostly on these three types of places. However, the area around us, the atmosphere and architecture we are accustomed to, the geography we are used to seeing in the distance, and much more can also factor into this. These wider categories can be on other members of the SRAS Family of Sites.

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St. Sophia’s Cathedral – The Historic Protectress of Kyiv, Ukraine

Near the center of the city, St. Sophia’s Cathedral is maintained by the Ukrainian government as a grand and beautiful reminder of the past. Originally founded in 1011 A.D., when Kyiv was still the capital of Kyivan Rus’, it was an early and grand celebration of the state’s official adoption of Christianity in 988. The […]

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