The events that we live through together, and that our ancestors lived through together, can also bind us with a common identity. This can include celebratory rituals such as holidays and weddings. It can include the competitive games we play together to pass time, form community, and often build valued skills. It can also include painful events such as funerals. Lastly, shared memories of ages both golden and dark and of military victory and defeat can also strongly influence a culture and its identity.

The joy and pain we experience through events become part of who we are as individuals and as cultures.

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Georgian Holidays 2024: A Complete Guide

Georgian holidays strongly reflect the country’s unique traditions and its demographics. First, as more than 80% of Georgians identify with the Georgian Orthodox Church, the strong influence of the church can be felt in the preponderance of Orthodox holidays. Georgia also has several holidays celebrating its statehood and independence, which have been hard-won. We can […]

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