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More Exploration of Identity in Eurasia!

Folkways gives a broad view of the deep roots of modern identities. There are many more forces affecting individuals and cultures today, however. That’s why Folkways is part of the SRAS Family of Sites, our partner sites that cover other subjects in greater depth. SRAS also offers regular mailings so you can keep up with what’s new on our sites.

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GeoHistory helps you understand the intricate interplay of geography, history, economics, and public opinion that shapes nations and individuals. Explore insightful analyses of history and current events, alongside profiles of key figures impacting the global stage. Analyze primary source translations to gain firsthand perspectives on critical moments.

PopKult explores the popular culture that entertains us and also reflects who we are as a society. PopKult examines the music, film, television, animation, and even the commercialization of traditional foods that define communities. Particular attention is given to how traditional culture is informing and helping to create unique narratives and styles within local mass-produced media.


Museums are not merely repositories of artifacts – they are dynamic expressions of identity. Museum Studies Abroad embarks on a scholarly exploration of Eurasian museums, high culture, and public spaces. Understand the critical role these institutions play in shaping societies, reflecting the values and histories of the communities they serve. Engage with profiles of prominent artists and writers who have left their mark on Eurasia’s diverse cultures.

Students Abroad SRAS

Students Abroad covers study and travel abroad. Written largely for students, by students, this site includes city and travel guides as well as reviews of specific activities and excursions and thoughts on experiences such as culture shock, being a minority abroad, and more.


The best way to understand a culture is to go to that culture. SRAS has more than 20 years’ experience organizing study abroad to Eurasia’s incredible locations. Study language and identity, security and international relations, conflict studies, regional studies, and much more.

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