Eurasia has many distinctive and unique drinks. Many (but not all) of these are derived as ways to preserve caloric and/or nutritional value through fermentation or sugaring. Most traditional fermented drinks are not fermented to the point of being properly alcoholic, such as beer, but rather simply preserved, such as yogurt. Thus, these are source of probiotics and considered quite healthy, even for young consumers.

Tarkhun: An Incredible, Natural Soda from Georgia

Tarkhun (тархун) is a carbonated soft drink made from tarragon leaves. The drink is known for its typically distinctive green color and is especially popular in Russia and the Caucasus. Tarkhun was first concocted, like most western sodas, by a pharmacist. Mitrofan Lagidze, a Georgian, first mixed carbonated water with his original tarragon syrup in […]

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