A culture’s traditional foods often reveal many things about it: the climate and soil conditions in which it grew, the variety of ingredients and nutrients its early members had at hand, and the cultural influences it came into contact with. Traditional foods are often considered both beloved and essential parts of belonging to a culture. The below resources concentrate on the traditional foods of some of Eurasia’s diverse cultures, presenting them in bilingual recipes and with histories and descriptions of the food’s current place in the modern culture that consumes them. For more on food traditions, see the Traditions section of this site.

Samsa: A Tasty Pastry of the Silk Road

The самса (samsa) is a meat- or vegetable-filled savory pastry. They are both слоеная (flaky) and хрустящая (crispy). They are enjoyed across the former USSR, where they are most associated with Central Asian cuisine. The самса originated in the Middle East and spread across the Шелковый путь (Silk Road), reaching Central Asia, India, and Africa. […]

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