Новый Год по-русски – A Russian New Year: Language Lesson

In most of the Western world, Christmas is celebrated on December 25 and is one of the most popular holidays of the year. Families gather to обменяться подарками (exchange presents). In Russia, however, Christmas is mainly observed as a религиозный праздник (religious holiday), and is celebrated, в соответствии с российской православной традицией (according to the […]

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Стрижка – A Haircut in Russia – Vocabulary Lesson

День Победы – Victory Day


A Guide to Georgian Dairy Products

Georgian cuisine, known for its unique flavor combinations, is also known for several unique dairy products. Like similar dairy products around the world, these originated from the same need to preserve the nutritional and caloric value of milk. With several local twists to the preparation process, however, including the use of “spontaneous starters” – or […]

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Georgian Nutrition: A Tasty Way to Good Health

Borsch: The Slavic Signature Soup


Holidays in Russia: A Guide

This resource provides a list of those holidays of cultural importance in Russia. Dates, days off, and histories of the holidays are all included. Long Weekends and Extra Days Off by Semester for 2020 Spring Summer Fall February 22-24 March 7-9 May 1-5 May 9-12 June 12-14 November 4 New Year / Новый Год December […]

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Polish Independence Day: Student Observations

A History of Russian Holiday Cards (Pre-Revolution)


Russian Idioms: A Lesson in Language and Culture

Very often, commonly used expressions in a language will have been in use for so long that their origins are now unclear. Sometimes there is clear origin. This new project from SRAS will help explain what some popular expressions mean in Russian and, where possible, where they came from. I. From the French The Russian […]

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The Russian Labor Market: Regulations, Common Practices, Vocabulary, and More

The Talking Kyrgyz Phrasebook