День Победы – Victory Day

День Победы (Victory Day) is праздник победы советского народа над фашизмом(a celebration of the victory of the Soviet people over fascism). It is one of the most important holidays in Russia and чествует ветеранов (honors veterans) of Великая ОтечественнаяВойна (the Great Patriotic War – the name World War II is referred to in Russia). День […]

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Orthodox Easter – A Lesson in Language and Culture

Русская душа – The Russian Soul


Kulich: Mystical Russian Easter Bread

Кулич (Kulich) is a lightly sweet, yeast-risen bread baked with considerable amounts of egg and butter. It may also contain raisins, almonds, candied or dried fruit, lemon zest, and various spices including cardamom and even saffron depending on the recipe and personal preferences. Central to Easter celebrations in Orthodox Christian traditions, кулич is enjoyed in […]

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Kharcho: Georgia’s Spicy Beef Stew

Bird’s Milk Cake: An Airy Russian Cake as Unusual as Its Name


WWII and Russian Identity

Visiting Russia for the first time, and studying abroad there as an American student were striking experiences for me. The sights, immersion into a new culture, and Russian language were fundamental parts of my study abroad experience. I was surprised, however, as to the important role that history played in the backdrop of the Russian […]

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A History of Russian Holiday Cards (Pre-Revolution)

Holidays in Russia: A Guide


Russian Idioms: A Lesson in Language and Culture

Very often, commonly used expressions in a language will have been in use for so long that their origins are now unclear. Sometimes there is clear origin. This new project from SRAS will help explain what some popular expressions mean in Russian and, where possible, where they came from. I. From the French The Russian […]

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The Russian Labor Market: Regulations, Common Practices, Vocabulary, and More

The Talking Kyrgyz Phrasebook