A woman lays a carnation next to the image of a one of the Heavenly Hundred.

Heavenly Hundred Mourners In Kyiv

Published: February 26, 2017

Hundreds of people came to Kyiv’s Independence Square, or, in Ukrainian, Maidan Nazeleznosti for the third anniversary of the day snipers killed 100 protesters during the EuroMaidan Revolution, on February 18, 2017. The deceased are commonly known as the “Heavenly Hundred.” The date of thier death is now marked every year by mourners returning to the Independence Square, where they died.

A volunteer lights candles in preparation for a memorial service for the Heavenly Hundred.
Many Kyivans waved Ukrainian flags, wore blue and yellow, or carried blue and yellow balloons.
Large pictures of the Heavenly Hundred were hung all over Maidan, Febuary 18, 2017.
There were individual memorial sites to each of the deceased.
A man carries a Ukrainian flag away from the square.
A woman lays a carnation next to the image of a one of the Heavenly Hundred.


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