Folklore & Myth

Folklore and myth often originated as a people tried to understand the world around them and to understand where they came from. Folklore and myth also convey value systems that are often still embedded deep within the modern cultural identities that evolved from them.

Yhyakh: A Summer New Year in the Coldest Place on Earth

The original Sakha is given for some terms in parentheses. Photographs provided by Mitrofan kyyha Varvara Egorova-Dygyia, Susan Crate, and Kathryn Yegorov-Crate. Yhyakh (ыһыах) is the Sakha people’s annual summer festival during which Sakha make offerings to sky deities known as aiyy (айыы) and make merry before the laborious hay-cutting season. Yhyakh is often rendered […]

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