Моя Россия

These free intermediate Russian lessons are hosted by Roxana Burkhanova, a recent graduate of Moscow State University. She discusses modern life, history, sociology, and politics in simplified Russian. Each text is glossed for vocabulary and cultural meaning and comes with a related grammar lesson. Roxana served as SRAS Moscow Student Coordinator in 2015-2016 and developed many ideas for this series in via her conversations with SRAS students.

Моя Россия 14: История новогодней ёлки в России

The following is lesson 2 of the Моя Россия advanced Russian lesson series. Hover over the bold Russian to reveal its English translation. Red words and phrases indicate the subject of this blog entry’s grammar lesson. Asterisks indicate words that have additional cultural/linguistic commentary below. Во многих странах мира — это традиционный атрибут празднования Рождества. Эта […]

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