Author: Camryn Vaughn

Horse Trekking in Kyrgyzstan – Student Observations

While Bishkek is a modern, dynamic and constantly evolving city, it still provides an opportunity to tap into the ancient nomadic traditions of the Kyrgyz people. One of those traditions, horseback traveling, is becoming increasingly popular with SRAS students – and surely for a good reason. Practicing Russian and Kyrgyz while learning about local culture […]

Exploring Uzbek Culture First-Hand

Students on SRAS’s Central Asian Studies program have an extended travel component that immerses them in the diverse histories, cultures, and societies of Central Asia. The following is a recounting of an extended trip to Uzbekistan that students took as part of their program in 2019.   Our trip to Uzbekistan was a long time […]

Thanksgiving Dinner in Bishkek

Thanksgiving might be the most difficult holiday to miss as an American abroad. As far as Christmas and New Year’s go there’s a good chance you may get to go home in December to experience familiar holiday cheer. Or it’s likely that your host-country can provide a less-familiar, albeit still pleasant, Christmas and New Year […]