Author: Lucine Poturyan

An Armenian Abroad: Adjusting to Life in St. Petersburg

Studying abroad in Russia as an Armenian American was eye-opening. I am a Russian Studies major that has always been interested in Russian culture and history – which are deeply intertwined with Armenian culture and history. After a summer abroad, viewing life in St. Petersburg through an Armenian-American lens, I feel that I have come […]

WWII and Russian Identity

Visiting Russia for the first time, and studying abroad there as an American student were striking experiences for me. The sights, immersion into a new culture, and Russian language were fundamental parts of my study abroad experience. I was surprised, however, as to the important role that history played in the backdrop of the Russian […]

White Nights Festival: Culture and Night Life in St. Petersburg

10:17pm sunsets and 3:30am sunrises. That was my initial description of St. Petersburg when friends and family asked how my study abroad experience is going. The 18 hours of daily sunlight that mark St. Petersburg’s “White Nights” are nature’s gift to the northern city that is Russia’s cultural capital. Though the sun sets at around […]