Author: Genevieve Gunow

Beshbarmak, Borsok, and Eggplant Salad

Less than a hundred years ago, the Kyrgyz were almost entirely nomadic. Though most Kyrgyz live in villages today, their traditional dishes still reflect their nomadic past. Meat is considered to be the most important food, and an integral part of any good meal. When important guests come to visit, the Kyrgyz will still slaughter […]

Kyrgyzstan, A Love Story II: Immigrating to America

Read part one here. Living on opposite sides of the world, it would seem unlikely that I, a small-town American girl, would even meet my future husband, Rakhat, who is from a small village in Kyrgyzstan. However, as it happened, Peace Corps volunteers lived with his family while he was growing up, inspiring him to […]

Kyrgyzstan, A Love Story

During the spring semester of 2008, I decided to study abroad in the rustically beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan. Many would be surprised at my exotic choice of destination (which is actually increasingly popular among SRAS students). However, what really set my study abroad experience apart from the ordinary was me. For I was not only […]