Ancient Holidays

Ancient holidays have are generally far older than the modern Church or State and their connections with these entities are complicated at best. While still observed as religious holidays by some pagan communities, they are most widely celebrated as non-religious, yet joyous events that promote feelings of unity, goodwill, and wellbeing. The pagan symbolism of the holidays generally remains openly and widely acknowledged, however. The Church may have co-opted some symbols and the state may support events to mark these days, but rarely will modern religious, military, or state symbolism be a major part of the celebration. Thus, these holidays are difficult to class as either religious or secular but remain often powerful expressions of cultural pride and identity.

Russian MiniLessons: Halloween as a Cultural Rift

The following bilingual text is meant to help you build your vocabulary by providing Russian phrases within English text. Hover over the bold Russian to reveal its English translation. One of the most interesting things about learning more about other cultures is the opportunity to learn more about your own. Every culture is different, and […]

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