A culture’s oldest and often most deeply held and richly developed traits are often those that began as survival strategies. How should food be procured, prepared, and shared? How should housing be constructed and maintained? How can one’s health and strength be maintained and fortified? Even when modern life or even scientific advancement has rendered these traditions obsolete, they often still maintain a place in the national identity, as part of the imagery of the national past and/or as something to revive and revel in on holidays in remembrance of the past.

At Home in Sakha: Sheltering in the Coldest Place on Earth

The original Sakha is given for some terms in parentheses. The Sakha Republic, or Sakha Sire (Саха сирэ), is the largest republic in Russia, more than 4.5 times the size of the American state of Texas. Its territories are a mixture of mountains, broad plateaus, and river and coastal lowlands. Although summers can be quite […]

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