Shared narratives are a major part of any culture. Early cultures sought to explain the world around them and their own origins through folklore and mythology. Today, narratives remain strong as a way to convey morality and social mores as well as ways to make sense of an often complicated national past in order to form a cohesive national identity. Both religion and the state exert powerful influence over modern narratives through various education efforts. However, civil society also plays a large role in maintaining and developing narratives, especially as the Internet makes it increasingly common to have the voices of individuals and small groups amplified.

Exploring Uzbek Culture First-Hand

Students on SRAS’s Central Asian Studies program have an extended travel component that immerses them in the diverse histories, cultures, and societies of Central Asia. The following is a recounting of an extended trip to Uzbekistan that students took as part of their program in 2019.   Our trip to Uzbekistan was a long time […]

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